The World’s First Love: Mary, Mother of God by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

In the Foreword of this book, Fr. Apostoli writes, “This [book] is a treasure for all who wish to grow in their relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archbishop Sheen said, of his 68 books, this work was his favorite. Throughout his life, the Blessed Mother was an integral and cherished part of his spiritual life. Sheen says that he hoped that when he approached the Lord on his judgment day, Jesus would say to him, “I know all about you! My Mother told Me all about you!” May our reading of this work inspire us to grow also in our love of Mary and that through her intercession and guidance we may be drawn closer to Christ.

This book is available for free on either as an Apple Book or on Kindle. I like the old-fashioned physical book, which is available at Amazon!  Below is a recommended schedule for reading this book together in our Online Book Club. You can certainly read at a faster/slower pace as your time permits and visit these pages to join in the discussion. The book has 22 chapters and is divided into two sections, The Woman the World Loves and The World the Woman Loves. The number of pages is based on the print book (page numbers for eBooks vary by the font size you use).

Check back at the end of each reading period for the active link to discuss each week’s chapters.


November 19-25, 2018  CLICK FOR DISCUSSION PAGE
1 Love Begins with a Dream (10 pages)
2 When Freedom and Love Were One: The Annunciation (13)
3 The Song of the Woman: The Visitation (16)

November 26-December 2 CLICK FOR DISCUSSION PAGE
4 When Did Belief in the Virgin Birth Begin? (12)
5 All Mothers Are Alike – Save One (16)
6 The Virgin Mother (10)

7 The World’s Happiest Marriage (9)
8 Obedience and Love (15)
9 The Marriage Feast at Cana (8)

December 10-16
10 Love and Sorrow (10)
11 The Assumption and the Modern World (15)


December 17-23
12 Man and Woman (13)
13 The Seven Laws of Love (7)
14 Virginity and Love (8)

December 24-30
15 Equity and Equality (10)
16 The Madonna of the World (17)
17 Mary and the Moslems (5)

December 31-January 6
18 Roses and Prayers (11)
19 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary (7)
20 Misery of Soul and the Queen of Mercy (14)

January 7-13
21 Mary and the Sword (30)
22 The Woman and the Atom (9)

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