Symbolon Session 1 - The Journey of Faith 5

This session was presented January 9, 2018. So that we might continue the discussion, please feel free to comment on anything reviewed that evening or on the questions from the workbook, listed below.

Workbook Questions

  • Why do you think two of Jesus’ disciples didn’t recognize Him on the road to Emmaus?
  • Why would this study we are beginning be foolish if Jesus had not risen from the dead?
  • Can you describe an experience like these two disciples where your heart was on fire for God?
  • Can you think of some examples of how Gnosticism exists today?
  • Why do you think God wants you to know that He is not solitary?
  • How does the love between a husband and wife reflect the inner life of God?
  • James 2:19 reads: “You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder.” James is saying that demons believe in God and yet do not have faith. How is faith more than believing? 

Other Questions from Session One

  • What can we offer at Saint Kilian Parish to foster your spiritual life?
  • How can we foster faith in our children and younger parishioners?
  • If you have ever made a retreat, what difference has it made in your spiritual life?
  • If you have never gone on a retreat, what holds you back from attending or what concerns do you have?
  • What is/was the most challenging obstacle to prayer for you? What ways did you try to overcome that obstacle?
  • What is one thing you could do to enhance your prayer life?
  • What is your favorite prayer or prayers?

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5 thoughts on “Symbolon

    • Deacon Ralph Post author

      I love the Divine Mercy Chaplet as well! I like to pray along with folks, even if it is a recording. The Laudete app has a recited version and a wonderful sung version by Trish Short (you can also find a video of it on YouTube). Formed also has a beautiful sung chaplet by Vicki Kueppers. We need to work on offering this and other prayer experiences for parishioners. We all definitely need God’s abundant mercy and love!

  • Andy

    An in-house retreat would be a good community event. Two or three nights with speaker(s), prayer, reconciliation and communion..A topic might include a review of the Mass , what and why answers.. in lieu of that activity, a weekend of teaching masses – all masses – might serve to rekindle an awareness of our responsibilities to attend mass, receive the sacraments, exactly what occurs at the consecration. etc. Repetition is the key to learning !!!

  • Lori

    I would like to see St Kilian offer an “in house” parish retreat, bringing in a speaker to lead a program over the course of a few evenings. These are offered at many parishes, and are very successful.

    • Deacon Ralph Post author

      Many parishes hold Parish Missions! There are some very dynamic speakers that can help inspire and set our hearts on fire! Thanks for this suggestion Lori and Andy, we do need to explore that type of event now that we have a permanent home!