Prayer Intentions Saint Kilian Parish

October 30, 2018

  • Mario Tedeschi, a member of Holy Sepulcher Parish, who passed on October 28th.  A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at Holy Sepulcher Church on Friday, November 2nd at 10:00am.  Please join us for a Funeral Rosary in his honor at 9:30am. Mario’s obituary can be found here in the Post Gazette. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.   Please also pray for his wife, Emma.
  • For T., a parishioner, that they might soon find a job.
  • Terry’s daughter to have a successful surgery and healing.
  • Please pray for the Indonesia plane crash that happened Sunday morning.
  • Karen and Mario who both have serious medical issues and in need of healing and prayer.
  • Friends of parishioners who are going through advanced cancer treatments and in need of strength and healing prayers;  Husband J, Wife R, Deborah, Michael and Rita.
  • Orest who has been receiving treatment for metastatic melanoma. He learned yesterday it has now spread to his brain.

October 29, 2018

  • Tim Hoolahan who suffered a heart attack and died yesterday afternoon.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  Please also pray for his family and friends.
  • Shawn who is having an operation on Monday.
  • Dolores that she may be healed and feel the presence of Jesus through her treatments.
  • Hia, who was in a car accident on Friday.
  • Megan to have a successful interview.

October 27, 2018

  • For all those killed or injured at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh today. For their families and friends affected by this violence that they might find comfort and healing and may we work to end all hatred in our world, nation and communities.
  • Mona with Stage 4 liver cancer was freed from all her pain yesterday.  Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.  Rest in Peace.  Please pray for her husband Stan and adopted son Richie.  Thanks to all who prayed for her.
  • Jacob, a young teenager, who just had surgery for an aneurism on his brain.  He is now in rehab.  Pray for his recovery and for his family.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered.  Sean who needed a job and had no income for the last 5 months yesterday got a offer from a company.  Praised be Jesus Christ!   Thank you God and all prayer warriors!

October 26, 2018

  • Chester D. who is in hospice care and will not be coming home again.
  • Mary L. is going through chemotherapy for abdominal cancer.
  • Sherry who has been ill with bronchitis for several weeks.
  • Orlando who is under much stress at work and interviewing for a promotion that would improve the stress.
  • Karen who has many health issues and financial issues.
  • Margie and her family.
  • A special intention.
  • Continue to pray for Bob who has been ill for the past few weeks.
  • Prayers of thanks that doctors were able to diagnose and now develop a plan of treatment for a young parishioner.

October 25, 2018

  • Eileen, sister of a parishioner, who is having knee surgery on Friday. We pray that the surgery will be successful with a speedy recovery.
  • Continued prayers for Bob, a parishioner who has been ill for the past few weeks.
  • Sherry, a friend of a parishioner who has been ill with bronchitis for several weeks.
  • Rosemary as doctors have discovered a cancerous tumor in her colon.  Pray she has successful surgery.
  • Please pray for Mary who has dementia.
  • Please pray for Shelly, Nancy, and husband.
  • Please pray for T.G. and her mom.Please pray for Marie.
  • Please pray for J.R.
  • Please pray for the victims, their families, and all involved in the Taiwan train crash on October 20.

October 24, 2018

  • Bob, the friend of a SK parishioner, who just found out he has liver cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy, that he and his wife Elaine will have peace of mind and that the Lord will strengthen them to undergo this journey. Also, if it is the Lord’s will to heal him, that He will heal him before he starts these treatments.
  • Natalie who is in ICU and under an induced comma due to seizures.  She will have 2 brain surgeries, November 7 and 14, with 10-12 surgeons assisting.
  • Please pray for A’s continued recovery.
  • Please pray for K to secure the job for which she has applied.
  • Please pray for Bernie H.

October 23, 2018

  • Jackie a 24 year old recently became engaged and 4 days later found a very aggressive type of breast cancer that has already infiltrated her lymph nodes. She will be starting very high doses of radiation soon. Her doctors are optimistic, but warn her of the extremely long and difficult road ahead of her.
  • Rosemary P. for complete healing from her many health issues.
  • Please pray for Bobby
  • Kristin who has been on our prayer list. Thanks to your prayers, she seems to be improving in baby steps.  On the positive side, she is breathing periodically without the CPAP and she indicates that her breathing is a bit easier.  On the negative side, a couple of other problems have arisen; however, they are being addressed. 

October 22, 2018

  • Please continue to pray for Mona and her Stage 4 liver cancer.  She is now in hospice and her end is near.  Please also pray for her husband Stan and foster son Rich who need special help as they care for her.
  • Janet’s niece, Cindy, who had 3 seizures yesterday and is in the hospital for testing.
  • Kelly who has been battling breast cancer, bone cancer and just recently  lung cancer. She has been fighting this for over 9 years. Please give her the strength that she needs to accept  these latest results, and that God looks over her and her family.
  • Carole who is having foot surgery on Tuesday.
  • Please pray for complete healing for Katherine.
  • Please pray for M to have the perfect winter assignment.
  • Please pray for Joshua.
  • Please pray for Mary.

October 21, 2018

  • Jenna, the daughter of SK parishioners,  and her friend Austin, who were in an automobile accident last night. She has slight brain bleed and small fractures in her back. Austin has multiple fractures,  blood in his kidneys a broken shoulder and pelvis.
  • Emmett S who was visiting Budapest, and has been hospitalized with a serious illness. Please also pray for his wife!
  • Sharon and Pat G.  Sharon was recently diagnosed with a malignant tumor on her stomach and needs to have a colonoscopy to check if there are any more tumors.  Her husband, Pat, was recently diagnosed with cancer and has nodules on his liver as well.  They will both need many prayers to help them get through this tough time.
  • Nate and Jena who just had a miscarriage.  They are heartbroken and Jena has to have surgery.
  • Margaret who is sick and on an antibiotic.
  • An unemployed man testing for a  job.
  • Nick and Jessie, that their house sells quickly.  They recently moved and need their old house to sell soon.

October 20, 2018

  • Kristin, the daughter-in-law of a parishioner’s friend, who remains in serious condition.  She remains sedated and breathing with the aid of a CPAP.  She is not showing much, if any, improvement.  The topic of lung transplants has been brought up by the doctors, but the percentage of success in her case is low.  Please continue to pray and hope for a miracle. A priest will be providing the Anointing of the Sick for her this weekend.

Prayer Requests from Holy Sepulcher Parish

  • Please pray for G who needs a job.

October 18, 2018

  • Calvin, 12 year old grandson of a parishioner’s friend, who has been going through treatment for cancer and is currently in the ICU.
  • Prayer Requests from Holy Sepulcher Parish
    • Please pray for Patricia Parks, grandmother of Sarah, who passed away last night.  Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.
    • Please pray for Marian.
    • Please continue to pray for Mona in her stage 4 liver cancer battle.
    • Please continue to pray for Sean who so needs a job.

October 17, 2018

  • Madie, a young parishioner, who is suffering from horrible migraines brought on from a concussion 8 months ago.  Please pray she fully recovers and is restored to good health.
  • Prayer Requests from Holy Sepulcher Parish
    • Please pray for Connie.  She is just starting chemotherapy.
    • Please pray for Tim W. who has stomach issues causing much distress.  He has been unable to work.
    • Please pray for Linda.

October 16, 2018

  •  Kristin who has has cystic fibrosis and is intensive care with pneumonia.

October 14, 2018

  • William Kane, brother-in-law of parishioner Janet (Dave) Dreher, who passed away early this morning. May Bill and all the faithful departed rest in the peace of Christ. May his family be comforted in their loss.

October 13, 2018

  • Marie Thalhofer, mother of parishioner, Carol Thalhofer, who died Friday morning. Marie’s obituary can be found HERE on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated on Monday, October 15th at 11:30 am in Saint Kilian Church. May Marie and all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
  • Bob, the brother of a parishioner,  who is undergoing an unanticipated quadruple heart bypass this Monday or Tuesday. May the surgery be without complication and that his recovery restores him to good health
  • Ron, a good friend of a parishioner, who is undergoing tests for stomach pain. The first test found a mass that is hopefully benign. More test results are pending. Pray for Ron and his family as they await these results and that if the findings reveal problems they are treatable.

October 12, 2018

  • Kate Dopirak, sister of parishioner Joe (Amy) Pohl, who recently passed away. Katie had been on our prayer list with sporadic CJD, an untreatable and incurable brain condition. May Kate’s family be comforted in their loss and may Kate be one with all the saints in heaven.
  • Madison, the granddaughter of parishioners, that she is accepted into Seton Hill, her first choose for college.
  • Tom, a parishioner, who was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis. That the condition might be effectively treatable with antibiotics and diet.

October 11, 2018

  • The daughter of parishioners who was admitted to the hospital to control A-Fib. Pray her tests will be favorable and she will soon be well enough to come home.
  • Lillian Grace who was born with CDH (a hernia caused problems with her lungs and other organs while she was in the womb). She had surgery yesterday. Pray that the procedure might be effective in treating her issues.

October 10, 2018

  • Mikey, son of parishioners, who is going in for a sleep study Wednesday and Thursday to try to determine the cause of his excessive daytime drowsiness which could be at the root of many of his other issues. Prayers that the results might be helpful in addressing his condition.
  • Justin, the son of parishioners, who is having major surgery on his ankle on October 25th.
  • Dave, a friend of parishioners, who had bypass surgery yesterday.

October 9, 2018

  • Bob, a parishioner, who has been in the hospital for the past week. Doctors are still running tests to determine what is wrong. May the doctors make a quick diagnosis and get Bob on the road to recovery.
  • Frank, the brother-in-law of a parishioner, who has been on our prayer list as he battles pancreatic cancer. He has been responding well to chemo and the doctors have decided to be more aggressive with the chemo therapy. His condition has moved from ‘inoperable’ to ‘possibly operable’. May God’s mercy and strength guide Frank and his family while he fights this disease.
  • Libby, daughter of parishioners, who has applied for a position within her company that would bring she and her family back home to the Pittsburgh area.
  • Rob, a friend of parishioners, whose health continues to decline due to Parkinson’s Disease. May he and his family find God’s strength during this time.

October 8, 2018

  • Kate, the sister of a parishioner, who has been on our prayer list as she suffers with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, an untreatable and incurable brain disorder. Kate has recently been moved to a facility to receive hospice care. Please keep Kate’s husband, their two sons, and all of Kate’s family in your prayers during this challenging time.
  • Richard Duffy, a friend of parishioners, who had been on our prayer list during his two year battle with pancreatic cancer. Rich died on Friday. Please pray for his family and friends who are saddened by their loss but rejoicing that he is in his heavenly home with Our Lord.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Christy, daughter of parishioners, who was on our prayer list during her medical school exams. Her test scores and evaluations have qualified her for Honors in Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn.

October 4, 2018

  • Daniel Koshute, a parishioner, who passed away on Tuesday, October 2nd. Dan’s obituary can be found HERE on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Friday at 10 am at Saint Kilian Church. May God welcome Dan into the heavenly kingdom and may his family be consoled in their loss.

October 2, 2018

  • Ed, a parishioner, who had knee replacement surgery yesterday. Pray that his rehab and recovery are uneventful and go as planned.
  • The husband of a parishioner’s friend who is 47 years old and suffered a stroke that left him weak on one side.  Doctors are treating him medically and he will require rehab.  Prayers for recovery and for his wife and children.

October 1, 2018

  • Michelle, the friend of a parishioner, who will have hip replacement surgery today. Pray for a successful surgery and recovery with an improvement in her quality of life.
  • Rich, who has been on our prayer chain for pancreatic cancer. Rich has been fighting the battle and is now in hospice care. May the Lord to welcome him to his heavenly home as this disease takes him from his earthly family.