Prayer Intentions Saint Kilian Parish

July 31, 2018

  • Joseph, the nephew of parishioners, who is at basic training with the Marines and is about to enter the “Crucible” a 54 hour physical test that will determine if he becomes a Marine.  Asking prayers of support during this difficult time.

July 29, 2018

  • Mike, the uncle of a parishioner who has internal bleeding and multiple health issues.  May the doctors find the source of the bleeding and bring him comfort.
  • Rich, that he would find peace and move on from a destructive situation.

The funeral arrangements for parishioner Stan Wasielewski have been made and can be found HERE on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Wednesday at 11 am at Saint Kilian Church.

July 28, 2018

  • Stan Wasielewski, a parishioner, who passed away yesterday. Please keep his wife Jean and their family in your prayers during this time of their loss. May Stan be one with all the Saints in the glory of the Heavenly Kingdom. Arrangements were not yet complete at the time of this email.
  • Addison and Jackson, twins that arrived Sunday at 29 weeks with a bit of difficulty and who have a rough few months ahead.

July 27, 2018

  • Rich, the friend of a parishioner, who has been on our prayer chair for about two years, with pancreatic cancer. He is in the hospital. Please pray that the doctors can ease his discomfort and provide strength to the family and friends who support him.
  • Joe, the friend of parishioners and who has been on our prayer list,  has passed away.  Please keep his wife Cheri in your prayers.
  • Matt and Laura that the closing of their home goes as planned next Tuesday without any complications.

July 24, 2018

  • The daughter of a parishioner who has not been feeling well for about 7 weeks with multiple symptoms.  All the testing shows everything is all right but she still feels pretty bad.  Pray that God will heal her or that the doctor will be able to figure out what is going on and help her to feel better.
  • John, the father of a parishioner, who recently fell and now has a spinal compression fracture. This, in addition to his end stage emphysema, has been a tremendous burden on both him and his wife.  Prayers for healing for John and strength and patience for his wife as she tries to deal with his many health problems.
  • Jane, the mother of a parishioner, that her bronchitis improves with her antibiotics.
  • A three year old girl named Bowen who is having brain surgery in August. Prayers that the surgery is successful in restoring her to good health.

July 20, 2018

  • Shorty, uncle of a parishioner, who is having complications after quadruple bypass surgery.
  • Rose Dashner, a parishioner, who died. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday at 11 am in Saint Kilian Church. Other arrangements were not yet available. May Rose rest in peace.

July 19, 2018

  • Janet, the sister of a parishioner, who is in the hospital for observation with possible heart issues. Also for another sister, Carol as she nears the conclusion of her chemo treatments for ovarian cancer.
  • Kody, the 26 year old nephew of parishioners, who has been on our prayer list with an autoimmune disease. He is fighting! His lungs are good but their still monitoring his heart. Doctors are starting kidney dialysis. Pray that his body tolerates it so he can get off the ventilator and for him to believe he’s getting stronger. Please continue to keep Kody and his family in your prayers.
  • Vince, a parishioner, and his mother and grandfather, who are in need of prayers.

July 17, 2018

  • Joe, the friend of parishioners, who has been our our prayer chain. He has myasthenia Gravis and had what was called an MG crisis. He has been in the hospital for a few weeks with trouble breathing.  He is showing some slight improvement and breathing a little on his own but still has a long way to go….please pray for his wife Cheri also, who is having a hard time with all of this.
  • Mary Wessel, a parishioner and teacher in our parish school, who passed away on Sunday. Mary’s obituary can be found HERE in the Post Gazette. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at Saint Kilian Church on Saturday at 10 am. Please keep Mary’s husband, Bob and their family in your prayers at this time of their loss. May Mary rest in peace.
  • Walter, father of parishioner Ron (Stephanie) Kampas, who passed away Sunday evening. No other details were available at this time. May Walter be welcomed to the Eternal Banquet with all the saints and angels. May the Kampas family find support and comfort at his passing.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving and strength for Chris, son of a parishioner, who defends his thesis on Wednesday and has a job interview on Friday.
  • Jim, a parishioner, who will have colon surgery on Wednesday. Pray that the surgery and recovery go as planned and for his return to good health.

July 16, 2018

  • Frank who is starting radiation and chemo therapy for esophageal cancer this week.
  • Tim, a parishioner, who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Prayers that the treatments might be effective.
  • Walter, the father of a parishioner, and his family as he enters hospice care. Prayers of peace and comfort. Prayers for his soul and acceptance in God’s heavenly kingdom.

July 14, 2018

  • Kody, the 26 year old nephew of a parishioner, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease about a year ago. He was found unconscious in his bedroom and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. His blood pressure was over 300 which the doctors were able to control,  but now has heart, lung and kidney problems. He was put on a ventilator earlier yesterday. “He is fighting to live.” Please pray for Kody.
  • A parishioner who is struggling with anxiety and psychological issues.

July 10, 2018

  • Joe, the father of a parishioner age 88, father of a parishioner, that is having surgery today to remove blockage in his carotid artery. May the procedure go as planned and may Joe be restored to good health.
  • Jennifer and Elaine, two parishioners who are scheduled to have surgery.
  • Margaret, the 92-year-old grandmother of a parishioner’s friend, who, although she is in decent health suffering from some arthritis and bursitis,  was admitted to the hospital yesterday for tests and they found a mass.  Prayers for the doctors and prayers for her and her family.

July 9, 2018

  • Trish, the sister of a parishioner, who has been in the hospital for about 2 weeks with many issues. She was too weak to stand from lack of nutrition, she has water on her lungs and pneumonia. She is now on a ventilator to breathe and they are having a hard time getting her off the ventilator.
  • Walter, the father of a parishioner who is 86 years old. He fell this week and is hospitalized. Prayers of healing and comfort for difficult decisions related to his care.

July 8, 2018

  • Joyce, the friend of a parishioner, who, following chemo and surgery, will begin tomorrow six weeks of daily radiation treatments to combat her breast cancer. Pray that she remains strong as the disease is ridden from her body.

July 4, 2018

  • Marie, the mother of a parishioner, who has fallen twice in the past week and a half and is in the hospital. Ask God to help her with her pain and for her tests to come back negative. Art, the father of a parishioner, who has had multiple forms of cancer over the past 20 years. Now they’ve found something in his kidneys…he is waiting for more scans/tests to see what he will have to deal with in the near future. The stress from his wife, Marie being in the hospital is not helping his health.
  • Danielle, the daughter of a parishioner, who has a growth in her liver. She is waiting for tests to hopefully show that the growth is benign. Chances are 98% it is….she just needs confirmation.
  • A parishioner, who needs help dealing with forgiveness – what it means, how to achieve it, how to get through the difficult times.

Prayer for Independence Day
God, source of all freedom,
this day is bright with the memory of those
who declared life and liberty are your gift to every human being.

Help us to continue a good work begun long ago.
Make our vision clear and our will strong:
that only in human solidarity will we find liberty,
and justice only in the honor that belongs to every life on earth.

Turn our hearts toward the family of nations:
to understand the ways of others, to offer friendship,
and to find safety only in the common good of all.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

– from Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers

Please pray for the following friends and family of Saint Kilian parishioners
who are currently serving in the military:
Seth Benedek, Dale Mahafkey, John N. Dvorak, MAJ Patrick Mondi, Mary D. Dvorak, TSgt. Angela Montgomery, Dominic Greco, Max Masters, Andrew Guevara, Cpt. Ermes Natale, Alan Gundloch, Shawn Palmer, LCpl. Dakota Harbison, CDR Douglas Pegher, Lt. Ben Harper, CAPT Brian Radford, Will Hospodor, David Smeigh, Christopher Iole, Marc Spangler, CPL Dylan Lukachinsky, and Daniel Topf

July 2, 2018

  • Al, the father of parishioners, who has been on our prayer list. He did not survive the complications he encountered after heart surgery. Please pray for him and his family during this difficult time.
  • Darlene, the mother-in-law of a parishioner, who is currently in the hospital with complications from chemotherapy. This is her second time fighting cancer.

July 1, 2018

  • William G. Pettigrew, Sr., father of parishioner Dr. William Pettigrew, Jr. (wife,Debrah), who passed away yesterday morning. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Thursday at 10 am at Saint Kilian Church. Bill’s obituary can be found here on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. May he join all the saints in the glory and joy of eternal life and may his family be comforted in their loss.