Prayer Intentions Pray for the needs of others and submit your own intentions.

 Please keep in your prayers –

June 16, 2018

  • Cheryl, a dear friend of parishioners, diagnosed with acute leukemia. After many tests, she is now confined in hospital isolation for 4-6 weeks as she undergoes intensive chemotherapy. Because of her low white cell count, contact with family and others will be extremely limited.

June 14, 2018

  • Felicia, the daughter of a parishioner who is discerning a major move and leaving her current job – that the Holy Spirit will quickly guide her in this decision and provide for her in this uncertain job market.
  • Philip, the son of a parishioner, who has been selected as one of 12 to apply for a special job reassignment that would move him close to home for the first time in more than a decade; that he be selected for this position if it is God’s Will and bring his family close to ‘home’.
  • Bill who had a biopsy yesterday to determine why he is getting fluid build up in his one lung. The suspicion is that he may have lung cancer. Pray for a good outcome for him and for peace and strength for his family.

June 13, 2018

  • Joan, a parishioner, who fell and broke her wrist. She is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. Pray that the surgery goes well and for her quick recovery.
  • A parishioner who recently had a Colonoscopy and found out one polyp maybe be pre-cancerous.

June 12, 2018

  • Bernie, a parishioner, who just underwent successful kidney transplant surgery. Please continue to pray for her recovery.
  • The friend of a parishioner was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

June 11, 2018

  • Bernie, a parishioner, who has been on our prayer list. She is at John Hopkins Hospital for a potential kidney. Pray that all goes well so she might receive the much needed transplant.
  • Richard Franczyk, the uncle and godfather of parishioner Elaine Ostrowski,  who passed away Saturday in Chicago. Also for her Aunt Junie who entered hospice care yesterday for terminal cancer. They are siblings. May God grant Junie peace and strength to endure her last few weeks on earth and my God welcome her Uncle Ritchie home to heaven.
  • Jeff Kier, father of parishioner, Michelle (Michael) Mentzer who recently passed away. May God welcome him into the heavenly kingdom and may his family be consoled in their loss.
  • Christy, a parishioner who has her first Evaluation Week as a third year medical student. She completed her first block of clinical rotations in Medicine and Surgery. She will take her medical school shelf exams on Wednesday and Friday of this week. She will also be evaluated on reading EKGs. Please pray for the peace that only Jesus can give for her as she studies and takes her tests and that the Holy Spirit will guide her.
  • A family of the parish whose dog died this morning. The family, especially the young daughters, are taking the loss very hard.

June 10, 2018

  • Charles William Thompson, father of parishioner, Lisa (Rich) Barent, who passed away yesterday. Bill had been on our prayer list during his battle with liver cancer. His obituary can be found HERE. May Bill be welcomed into heavenly peace and eternal joy and may his family find comfort in their loss.
  • Scott, the husband of a parishioner, who is hospitalized with complications from a ruptured appendix. Prayers for a swift healing and guidance for the physicians decision making.

June 8, 2018

  • Dave, the son-in-law of parishioners, who goes for his 6 months scans for the cancer he had removed 6 months ago…..pray that the scans are still clear.
  • Colin, the grandson of parishioners, who is suffering from ulcers and recently diagnosed Crohn’s disease. Prayers that this disease might go into remission and for his continued healing and comfort.

June 7, 2018

  • A friend of a parishioner who is suffering from mental health problems and other serious issues. May God give her peace and comfort.
  • Bill, the father of a parishioner, whose liver cancer is still worsening and all levels are at critical levels for kidney and liver function. Please ask the Lord to comfort him in his suffering.

June 5, 2018

  • Madeline Bost, the mother of parishioner Rob (Mary Lou) Bost, who passed away on Monday, June 4th. Madeline’s obituary can be found HERE. May her family be comforted in their loss and may Madeline join all the Saints in the glory of Eternal Life.
  • Colin, the grandson of parishioners, who is awaiting test results.  He is suffering from ulcers in his duodenum. Pray that doctors are able to treat this effectively and relieve his discomfort.
  • Bill, the father of a parishioner, who has been on our prayer list with liver cancer. His bilirubin level is at critical levels today and he is very ill. Doctors believe he may have an obstruction and are rushing him for testing.
  • The Eighth Graders who will graduate this evening from Saint Kilian Parish School and for all who graduate from grade school, high school and college this time of the year. May they continue to grow in faith and wisdom. May the Holy Spirit guide them to use their talents and gifts to serve others.
  • Cheryl, a dear friend of parishioners, unexpectedly diagnosed with acute bone marrow leukemia. Treatment options, including chemo and donor bone marrow infusion are being reviewed. She is in isolation from family and friends as her white cell count is 1 (norm is 18) and is a high risk for infection. Pray that the treatment(s) chosen will eliminate or put the leukemia into remission.
  • The son of parishioners, that the home inspection goes well for his house today and that nothing major turns up.
  • For thanksgiving that Porter, the 14 year old “grand dog” of parishioners, who pulled through his health emergency. May he continue to serve the Lord as a trusted companion to their son.

June 3, 2018

  • Bill, the father of a parishioner, who was taken to the ER yesterday with temperature of 105 after his new immunotherapy treatment for his liver cancer. His heart rate is out of control and he is being admitted.

June 2, 2018

  • Al, the father of a parishioner’s brother-in-law, who is having  complications after having major heart surgery. Pray that he may become more stable and start the road to recovery.
  • Vicky, who was induced to have her first child. Prayers for a healthy and safe delivery for baby and prayers for the family as they await the arrival of their new blessing.

June 1, 2018

  • A parishioner’s niece who was recently diagnosed with bone cancer.  Please pray for her and her family.
  • Chelsea, the daughter of parishioners, who is traveling to South America for two weeks. Pray that she might have a safe trip.