Prayer Intentions Saint Kilian and Holy Sepulcher Parishes

 Please keep in your prayers –

October 17, 2019

  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of Buck Wagner.
  • Please pray for Betty to have an excellent medical appointment, with hope for healing.
  • Please pray for Betty to have complete healing of her leg pain.
  • Update: Macy with brain bleed had a feeding tube ihserted.  Her speech is very garbled and confused from the drilling of hole in her skull to release pressure from bleed.  Needs prayer for healing.

October 16, 2019

  • Virginia, the sister of a parishioner and her husband Nick. Nick developed stomach cancer and did not wish to go through the chemotherapy but opted for surgery.
    Sadly, Nick died by suicide. Please pray for Nick, may he rest in the peace that he did not find in his life. Pray for Virginia and their family.
  • Marlene, mother of a parishioner who had emergency surgery for a blockage in her intestines. This is all complicate due to the fact she has Alzheimers.
  • Prayers for faith, hope, strength and courage as TW awaits biopsy results and also faces other serious recent health issues. Miracles happen and prayers are needed that she will get hers.
  • Please pray for Jerome who is living at Colonial Gardens and his wife Connie who is ill.
  • Please pray for the healing of R’s brain injuries.
  • Please pray for Alan to be victorious in an elder abuse court case.
  • Please pray for Adam.

October 15, 2019

  • Please pray for Kathi C., recently diagnosed with lung cancer and not doing very well.
  • Please pray for Kathy who is suffering from an infection, the doctors and antibiotics don’t seem to be able to cure.
  • Mary, a parishioner, who will have a C-section today. Pray for a safe delivery for both baby and mother and for a healthy baby.

October 14, 2019

  • Please pray for Michelle  as she undergoes surgery for cysts on her liver.
  • Please pray for safe travels of a parishioner to see a dying brother.
  • Please pray for Janet.

October 11, 2019

  • Please continue to pray for Macy who has a brain bleed.  They had to drill hole in skull and place a gravity drain to remove fluid (blood) compressing brain. She  is in ICU.
  • Bill, age 95, is currently in McCandless Passavant Hospital after undergoing tests for a heart condition.Please keep Bill and his family in your prayers as the doctors determine the treatment needed.
  • Christy will start her pediatric residency interviews next week. Please pray that God will calm her anxieties and that she will do her best on her interviews.  Please pray that God will keep her safe in her travels and that Christy with the Holy Spirit’s guidance will accept and embrace God’s plans for her.  That God will place her in the program that is best for her and help her become the best pediatrician that she can be. Also, to thank God for His wondrous love that Christy received invitations to interview at most of the programs she applied to.
  • Please pray the rosary that the Immaculate Conception petition her beloved Son to grant His grace where most needed.

October 10, 2019

  • Jeanne, a parishioner, who had surgery this week for thyroid cancer and is now at home recovering.  Prognosis is very good and the family is blessed for what will be a positive outcome.
  • Please pray for Maisie a newborn at a little over 3 pounds but not gaining weight.
  • Please pray for Mary who has serious health issues and will have surgery.
  • Please pray for Edith who will have skin cancer removed from her face on Thursday.
  • Please pray for a young man that is traveling on Thursday to the Marshall Islands for work.  Please pray that his travels and his 6 week stay there will be safe.
  • Bob Bremmer, father of parishioner Kim Roos who passed away on October 7th. The family is grateful for all the prayers for him on this journey. 
  • William Bogan, a parishioner of Holy Sepulcher Parish, who passed away on Tuesday. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.
    William’s obituary can be found HERE. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Saturday, October 12 at 10:00am in Holy Sepulcher Church.

October 9 2019

  • Joseph Doyle Jr., a parishioner who died. Joe’s obituary can be found HERE. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated in Holy Sepulcher Church at 10:30 am on Friday. May his family be comforted in their loss and may Joe join the angels and saints in the joys of eternal life.
  • Please pray for Mr. Poole who has lost his battle with cancer.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  Please also pray for his family.
  • Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery for Gary who is having a tumor removed on Thursday.
  • Please pray for Helene.  She may have two fractures in the leg that has been operated on seven times.
  • Please pray for Lexi who has tumors, that they are not cancerous.
  • Please continue to pray for Karen.
  • Please pray for Julie who is having chemotherapy to combat lymphoma, a long term treatment.  
  • Please pray for Macy who is nearly 80 and has a brain bleed due to a dangerous drug.
  • Please pray for Bryan who had back surgery yesterday.

October 8, 2019

  • Please continue to pray for Christine, a parishioner, who has been on the prayer list for over one year. She has a very important appointment this week to determine if she has had any changes or progressions in her condition.

  • Please pray for Betty as her days on Earth are coming to an end. Prayers that she will pass peacefully into God’s kingdom.

  • Please pray for Judy who is having rotator cuff repair surgery on Thursday. For a successful surgery and quick recovery.

  • Kilian, three week old nephew of a parishioner, who has been in the NICU, and needs to gain weight in order to go home.

  • TM, teenage friend of a parishioner, who is having serious anxiety issues.   That her doctors can find a good treatment plan and outcome.

  • Prayers for Jacob who is scheduled today for a Pectus Excavation Surgical Nuss Procedure. The doctors need to place a rod in his chest  elevate the rib cage from pressing against his lungs and his heart.  Jacob will have a long recovery.  Please keep him in your prayers.

October 7, 2019

  • Please pray for Mike, a member of Saint Kilian Parish, as he undergoes a liver / pancreatic stent procedure on Monday morning to address a blockage caused by a pancreatic cancer mass.
  • Please pray for Bob who’s having knee surgery today.
  • Please pray for Roy to be transferred to a Geri Psych hospital ASAP.
  • Please pray for Jill’s daughter to have a complete healing.
  • Please pray for a special arthritis intention.
  • Please pray for a special employment intention.
  • Please pray for a special housing intention.

October 6, 2019

  • Joseph Schneider, father of parishioner Linda Prather, who died October 3rd. Joseph’s obituary can be found HERE. May he join all the saints and angels at the Heavenly Banquet and may his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
  • Chuck who fell and suffered a neck injury, his wife and the healthcare professionals who are caring for him. Please pray for healing and comfort for Chuck and his wife.

October 5, 2019

  • Mary Ann Knorr, wife of parishioner Ronald Knorr, who died yesterday. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celbrated on Tuesday at 11:30 am in Saint Kilian Church. Mary Ann’s obituary can be found HERE. May our Lord welcome her home to share in his Divine Life. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
  • Please pray for Jaye, 38, killed in a car crash.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  Please also pray for his wife Lataya who is coming out of surgery.  Please also pray for their three children, and the mother/grandmother Jackie who is need of prayer to stay strong.

October 4, 2019

  • Please pray for Buck and his family to be strong during his health difficulties.
  • Please keep Susan in your prayers as she has to have more tests.
  • Please pray for Debbie D.
  • Please pray for Debbie S.

October 3, 2019

  • Please pray for Virginia, a friend of a parishioner, who was hit by a car on Sunday. She is in the hospital with multiple injuries and cannot walk. Please pray for her health and recovery.
  • Please pray for Dan.
  • Please pray for David.
  • Please pray for Matt.
  • Please continue to pray for Karen.

October 2, 2019

  • Mary Johnstone, a parishioner, who passed away on Monday. Mary’s obituary can be found here on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 8th at 10 am in Saint Kilian Church. May our Loving Lord welcome Mary into the glory of Eternal Life.
  • Please pray for Jane who has been on our prayer list. Recent scans have shown her cancer has spread to her spine and other bones. She begins chemo on Thursday. May she have the strength to endure this treatment.
  • Please pray for Mike, parishioner, as he continues with testing for severe digestive issues.
  • Please pray for Diane who has advanced lung cancer.
  • Please pray for Anita who has kidney cancer.

October 1, 2019

  • Chris a friend of the family who has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. That treatment will comfort and heal him. Also, prayers for his family that they find support and comfort through all this.
  • The uncle of a parishoiner who passed away on Thursday after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. 
  • A friend  of a parishioner who delivered her baby a month early and is in the NICU with lung issues.
  • Please pray for Sonya, who is in hospice, may she have peace as she passes into the Lords hands.
  • Please pray for Ann who is having many health issues.
  • Please pray for J.D. who had one seizure today that he will have no more.
  • Please pray for IKD who has a leg injury.
  • Please pray for Joan H, she will have 2 MRI’s on Thursday.