Prayer Intentions Saint Kilian Parish

 Please keep in your prayers –

March 20, 2019

  • Larry who has prostate cancer and is exploring treatment options.
  • Morgan, the daughter of parishioners, who is facing a pivotal interview to secure her entrance in the Dental Hygiene program at UOL.

March 19, 2019

  • Please pray for Mary Kay who is fighting metastatic breast cancer.
  • Please pray for Joe L who has been in the hospital long term for issues with his colon.
  • Please pray for Margaret to be at peace in preparation for her knee surgery.
  • Please pray for Bernadette to have health and support as she balances her work and home life as a Catholic professional.
  • Please pray for Sister L to have good health, spiritual light, and safety as she executes her duties as a Catholic administrator.
  • Please pray for Carol and Helen to have a safe ride home and harmony as they sell their property.
  • Please pray for Beverly.
  • Please pray for Susan who has to have emergency heart surgery within 48 hours. 
  • Please pray for Jay D.
  • Please pray for Susan.
  • Please continue praying for Karen and John and family.

March 18, 2019

  • Sherry a parishioner that her surgery Thursday goes well and she has a speedy recovery.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Jack is home and doing much better.  Thank you for your prayers!
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for a successful heart surgery for Judy who was on our prayer list. Praise God for guiding the surgeon’s hands and for the care provided by all the hospital staff. Special blessings to all family and friends who supported Judy.

March 17, 2019

  • Please pray for parishioner Lori that all conditions requiring her 
    hysterectomy on Tuesday are benign and that she has an uncomplicated 
    surgery and recovery.
  • Please pray for Kelly to be able to execute her duties with support and understanding of her Christian values. 
  • Please pray for Jeannie to continue to lead her family with good health and support as a Catholic spiritual warrior.
  • Please pray for Ken and Rebecca to expand their business with abundance and harmony.
  • Please continue to pray for Patty who went back home yesterday after her heart attack.
  • Please pray for students preparing for their SAT, ACT, and higher education entrance exams.  May they learn how to enable Jesus to help them focus.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  The 83 year old that needed open heart surgery came out of surgery well and is recovering.   Please continue to pray as he recovers. 

March 16, 2019

  • Georgianna “Ginger” Kaczmarek, who passed away on Friday. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 am on Monday, March 18th in Holy Sepulcher Church. Ginger’s obituary can be found HERE. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
  • Please pray for a special employment intention.
  • Please pray for the protection of government Protective Services employees, and witnesses, working to protect children from their families.  Please pray for the healing of specific tragedies directed towards children.
  • Please pray for the victims of the New Zealand mosque shootings.

March 15, 2019

  • Joseph Tommaney, a parishioner, who passed away on Wednesday, March 13th. Joe’s obituary can be found here on the McDonald-Aeberli Funeral Home website. May the Lord comfort his family and welcome Joe into the joys of eternal life.
  • Bill who fell down the stairs breaking his back and some of his teeth.
  • Katie who is having many serious complications following the  birth of her first child.
  • T, the sister of a parishioner, who has suffered through many illnesses including spinal injuries. She is also an alcoholic and has lost the will to live.
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for Tim, a parishioner, who received wonderful news today that he is cancer free and the doctors feel that he will not need any further treatments for 4-5 years. Thank you for all the prayers!
  • Andy who has been diagnosed with Stage III Pancreatic Cancer.  His family also needs prayers at this time.
  • Joanie who is having a biopsy on Friday – please pray for good results and spiritual peace.
  • Frank, brother-in-law of parishioners, who has been on our prayer list since last fall as he fights pancreatic cancer. He has responded very well to chemo and will meet with doctors today to discuss a recent scan and possible surgery.
  • L., daughter of parishioners, who is pregnant and in her 2nd trimester. She is facing complications and will undergo further scans and tests next week. Please pray for her health and the health of her unborn child.
  • Please pray for Frances G. who is 87 years old and will be undergoing heart surgery.
  • Please pray for Mrs. R.

March 14, 2019

  • Please pray for Jane who had emergency surgery, but doctors are not sure what is causing her problems.
  • Please pray for Katie.  She has a very bad problem with her back, to the point where she will die without back surgery.  The surgery however is risky and could cause other serious problems.  Please pray that God will heal her and give her the strength to deal with situation. 
  • Please pray for Momma Lindsey and her baby daughter Kinsley.  Kinsley was born premature and was found to have cysts on her brain.  She is out of the woods with regards to being a preemie, but is at high risk if the cysts do not go away on their own.  The prayer is for God to bless this little baby by removing the cysts completely from her brain and restoring her to perfect health.
  • Please pray for Thumper who has kidney stones.
  • Please pray for Allen.
  • Please pray for Dale.
  • Please pray for Flo H.
  • Please pray for Jack N.
  • Please pray for Robert J.

March 13, 2019

  • Please pray for Natalie.  She has had bad seizures, brain surgery, in and out of comas.  They are sending her to the Mayo Clinic.  Please pray for her husband Scott as he trying everything possible to help her.
  • Please pray for Mr. Taylor an 83 year old who will undergo open heart surgery very soon.
  • Please pray for Judy whose MS is causing her severe and constant pain.
  • Please pray for the people of Venezuela as they have been without power for a week and continue to face political unrest.

March 12, 2019

  • Dan, a parishioner who is having surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor.  May there be no surprises and pray for his total healing.
  • Please pray for Karen D.  She has been hospitalized with an unknown disease and had to be put on a ventilator.
  • Please pray for Lyle whose cancer is back they think.
  • Please pray for Joanne who is in the hospital with severe flu symptoms.
  • Please pray that Rich has successful surgery.
  • Please keep Katherine in prayer for complete healing.
  • Please pray for Marin’s back problem to be completely healed without surgery.
  • Please pray for Fred.  He has a Sciatica problem.
  • Please remember Joan and Rose in prayer. 
    Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Joan received her miracle and is home and doing well after her serious surgery.  She sends thanks for all the prayers.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Karen’s husband John is in a nursing home and she found an apartment close by that she can afford.  She thanks everyone for the prayers.
  • Please continue to pray for Karen.
  • Please pray for the victims of the Ethiopian plane crash.

March 11, 2019

  • Judi, the sister of a parishioner, who has kidney stones in both kidneys. The urologist will decide today what treatment will be best for her recovery and relief from the pain.
  • Danielle, the daughter of parishioners who has been on our prayer list,  prayers for healing of her concussion.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Patty is home from heart ailments, on oxygen but doing well.  Thanks for continued prayers.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Lorraine’s eye cataract surgery went well, and she is recovering. Thanks for all the prayers!

March 10, 2019

  • Randall J. “Randy” Killeen, a parishioner who passed away on March 7th. Randy’s obituary can be found here on the McDonald-Aeberli website. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Friday at 10 am in Saint Kilian Church. Please keep his wife, Susan, and their children in your prayers. Give him eternal rest, O Lord, and may your light shine on him forever.
  • Please pray for S.P. who will be having serious brain surgery a week from Friday to remove a brain tumor.  It is likely that her vision and speech will be affected. Please also pray for her son.  May the Lord be with her, bring comfort, and guide the hands of the surgeon!
  • Please pray for Vickie.  She has Parkinson’s and is in the hospital with an infection.
  • Please pray for Marge to have complete healing with her work injuries.
  • Please pray for Mary Lou to discontinue creating dissension in her family.
  • Please pray for Lil to make the right decision on choosing a nursing home.
  • Please pray for resources to be available first a special family memorial.
  • Please pray for affordable housing to become available for S.

March 9, 2019

  • Please pray for Bob who is unresponsive after a treatment for brain cancer.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
  • Please pray for Rick who has recently had surgery and appears to have suffered a stroke.
  • Please pray for Jennifer who is having surgery Monday March 11.  Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  • Please pray for Joan S. She is in need of prayer for the medical condition that she is in right now.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Joe’s case went well, the judge permitted visitation.  Praised be Jesus Christ!

March 8, 2019

  • Jennifer, the daughter of parishioners, who is having surgery Monday March 11th. Pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.
  • Rick, the brother of a parishioner, who has recently had surgery and appears to have suffered a stroke.
  • Beth that her treatment goes well today (Friday) and that she doesn’t have any side effects and her quality of life improves.
  • Tom, 77 year old father of a parishioner, who is going through chemo for bone cancer.  His numbers are not moving in the direction they want and he and his wife are very discouraged.  Please also pray for strength for him as he goes through three more chemo treatments
  • Judy, a parishioner, who has been diagnosed with a ruptured heart valve and scheduled for surgery today.
  • Please pray for Linda.  She was found yesterday unresponsive and is now in critical condition in the hospital.
  • Please pray for Deacon Bob Stein who experienced  chest pains yesterday and is now scheduled  for bypass  surgery today, March 8.  Please pray for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.
  • Please pray for Jo G. who has a lung infection.
  • Please pray for Alanna who is scheduled for a breast biopsy tomorrow, March 8.   She had breast cancer five years ago which resulted in her having chemotherapy and radiation as the cancer was found in two of her lymph nodes.  Please pray that results of this biopsy are benign. 
  • Please pray for Minnie to have complete healing.
  • Please pray for a 13 year old boy that got expelled from school.
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Stephanie’s magistrate case went well and she is able to move on to another job.  Thank all of you for your prayers! 
  • Please pray in thanksgiving to God for prayers answered!  Patty did very well without complication for a second heart procedure.  Thank you all prayer warriors.  Praised be to God and his Holy Mother!  Keep her in prayer for her rehab and meds.

March 7, 2019

  • Dan is in need of prayers once again as his colon cancer has returned for the third time.
  • Please pray for Freda that she soon has a peaceful death. She has had liver and pancreatic cancer for two years.  She is ready to meet God and it is a wonder she is still alive.
  • Please pray for Patty whose heart stopped while trying to get two more stents in today.  Restarted heart and she is alert and talking.  Must go back in heart tomorrow.
  • Please pray for Rick S. who is to have surgery soon and that he will have a complete healing.
  • Please pray for healing for Mary Jo.
  • Please pray for Ron to get medical attention.
  • Please pray for Lil to find the perfect caregiver.
  • Please pray for G to be able to get into dental school.
  • Please pray for the special genealogy papers to be received by Elizabeth.
  • Please pray for all patients to be able to afford their medication.

March 6, 2019

  • Andy, who has been on our list before.  He has a mass behind his stomach that is being tested this week.  Pray that this test will assist the doctors to determine what it is and how to remove it.  He’s in a lot of pain.
  • Beth, a parishioner, in need of prayers.
  • Sandy whose in the hospital with AFib.
  • Please pray that Lorraine has successful eye surgery on her right eye on Thursday March 7.
  • Please pray for Edwin M.  He is having an operation today.
  • Please pray for Trenton to be healed from his multitude of surgeries.
  • Please pray for K to come to terms with alcoholism.

March 5, 2019

  • Please pray for Trenton to be healed from his multitude of surgeries.
  • Please pray for K to come to terms with alcoholism.
  • Please pray for Joe, a young father going to a hearing on Thursday, so that he may see his son, who he hasn’t seen since late January.
  • Please pray for Elizabeth to do the right thing for her family.
  • Please continue to pray for Patty who had heart attack last week. Sent home became very ill and now in the hospital and not having an easy time.  Please St. Anthony guide the doctors to find problem.

March 4, 2019

  • John Bizon, father of parishioner Lisa Bizon, who died on Friday, March 1st. John’s obituary can be found HERE.
  • Pat Vogel, mother of parishioner Kate (John) Haggerty, who died on February 27th. Pat’s obituary can be found HERE
  • A parishioner who has been having lots of pains in her stomach, back and legs She is expecting test results Monday or Tuesday of this week. Prayers for acceptance of God’s will and if it be His will, that the tests results show nothing too serious.
  • Frank, friend of a parishioner, who passed away Saturday night unexpectedly and much too soon.  May he rest in peace and his family find the comfort that they need in our Lord during this sad time.
  • Christy, the daughter of parishioners, will take her Step 1 medical licensing exam on Thursday.  Please pray that she will have faith and trust in God’s plan, that she will hope in Jesus, trust in Jesus and that Jesus will help her and bless her with His peace. That the Holy Spirit will control her thoughts and mind and that she will recall what she studied and not get stressed during the seven hour exam.  
  • Please pray for J who is starting to give up.  Wishing to die.  Too much pain to endure.  Not in her character.
  • Please pray for Charles M as he has a complex heart bypass surgery on Monday March 4. Please pray for his wife Joanne and family.  May the surgical team be guided by the hands of Jesus. 
  • Please pray that George’s cancer hasn’t spread.  He has a scan on Tuesday.  Also, for his wife who needs strength to deal with his health issues.
  • Please add Eric A. a young man who was diagnosed with cancer
  • Please pray for the people in Alabama and Georgia affected by tornadoes.
  • Please pray for peace and thanksgiving as we begin a glorious time to grow closer to Jesus. 

March 3, 2019

  • Joan who suffers from myasthenia gravis.  May God give her strength to live with her pain and her disease
  • For the repose of the soul of Ronnie Andrew C. Ducut who died 1/21/2019 at age 48. May eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God may Rest In Peace.

March 1, 2019

  • Carol, the sister of a parishioner whose cancer came back.  They had started another round of a different chemo.  She now has shingles so bad, they have to stop the chemo.
  • Ronald, a parishioner, who is having back surgery today.   Prayers for a safe surgery and that both, surgery and recovery are successful and without complications.
  • Andrew, the young son of a parishioner, who is in the ICU due to a stroke.
  • Please pray for Aimee who passed away today. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.  Please pray for her Husband and young children. Aimee was battling cancer. 
  • Please pray for Katye an 18 year old college student who collapsed with many blood clots and died today. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.  Please also pray for her family and classmates who are inconsolable.  
  • Please pray for Virginia who has just been taken into transitional care.  Also pray for her family.
  • Please pray for Lois as she is having heart surgery on Monday, March 4.
  • Please pray for Bob Z, who is in constant pain with his many health issues.
  • Please pray for Angela.
  • Please pray for Anne Marie.
  • Please pray for Cheryl.
  • Please pray for Nancy.
  • Please pray for Rachel.
  • Please pray for Rick.
  • Please continue to pray for Karen.
  • Please pray for our elderly to have dignified living situations.
  • Please pray for all college students.