Peter – Chapter Three Faith Not Fear: Walking in Trust 1

“Dinky faith!” Dr. Gray throws down the gauntlet from the onset of this chapter! He says that Jesus’words to his disciples, “O men of little faith”, really imply something more challenging and that “dinky” is more accurate in conveying what Jesus was saying to them. If the disciples had little/dinky faith, and they witnessed firsthand the Messiah, can you imagine how our faith might be viewed! Gray states that fear is the enemy of faith. We all have fears. Fear of the future. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of “fill in any number of things that cause us anxiety”. Faith casts out fear. Faith that God provides for all we need.

Gray also tells of how Rembrandt painted himself into the scene of his painting of the storm on the Sea of Galilee. While we cannot duplicate the reality of actually being present, putting ourselves into this or any biblical moment, can be a prayerful means of reflection. How would I react? What would I do? What would my thoughts, fears or feelings be?

Finally, toward the end of the chapter, Dr. Gray advises us to make use of the Petrine Prayer, “Lord, save me”. When we are afraid, turn to God. Ask for his help, place our trust in him alone!

Gray concludes with a few questions at the very end of the chapter that are good reflection and discussion questions –

“The question that we should always be asking ourselves is whether we’ve become too comfortable in our discipleship. Are we trusting God the Father to provide for our needs? Are we walking on water toward Christ? When we fail, as we often do, we should ask God to increase our “dinky” faith and to teach us to trust wholeheartedly in him—to give us the courage to step out like Peter and to be childlike in our trust of our Father in Heaven.”

– Deacon Ralph

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  • Brenda

    Just figured out that when I’m having a rough time ‘swimming’ through life’s difficulties, it’s because I should be trusting Jesus to help me ‘walk on water’!