Peter – Chapter Ten Quo Vadis: Peter's Way of the Cross

This final chapter leaves the pages of scripture and follows Peter as found in the tradition of the Church. In this tradition Peter is fleeing persecution in Rome and on the road meets the Risen Christ. Peter asks him “quo vadis” – where are you going? If you have not read about this encounter it is a very powerful moment in Peter’s life that required a reconfirmation of his decision to follow Christ, no matter what the cost. Peter’s death is his final testimony to his firm belief in Christ. 

Gray concludes the book by saying,

“The story of Peter is our story, and it is worth retelling. It’s worth telling how we go from Jesus in Galilee to the Catholic Church in Rome by following the footsteps of Jesus’s greatest disciple, Peter the Galilean.”

If you enjoyed reading this book, give a listen to “Walk the Walk” an audio file by Dr. Gray. In this talk he presents and expands upon some of the themes of this book. You can find the talk HERE.

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– Deacon Ralph

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