Peter – Chapter Six In the Shadow of the Galilean: Peter's Rising Leadership

In this chapter, Dr. Gray continues to enlighten us about how Jesus is preparing Peter to continue his mission after he is gone. To get to that point one must first understand the purpose of Jesus’ life. Exactly what is Jesus preparing Peter for? Jesus came not only to save us…to restore our relationship with God through the forgiveness of our sins but also to establish his kingdom. One of the interesting insights of this chapter is the explanation of the secrecy surrounding where the Passover would be held. Gray explains that Judas was looking for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to the authorities, but Jesus had not yet fully laid the groundwork for his Church. The gift of the Eucharist and of Holy Orders would be essential to his Church and so the timing of his arrest was very important to insure their institution. What better place to arrest Jesus than in the Upper Room, but Jesus made sure that location would not be known in advance!

Gray also challenges the claims that many people have today, “Isn’t having a relationship with Jesus enough?” “Why do I need the Church?” Gray counters this thinking by clearly showing Jesus came to establish a kingdom which is the Church and Gray leaves us with the question, “Can you be loyal to the king without being loyal to his kingdom?”

– Deacon Ralph

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