Peter – Chapter Nine Peter Bar-Jonah: How Peter Came to Rome

This chapter focuses on  two key moments in Peter’s role in the early Church. Through a vision, Peter comes to understand that discipleship is no longer exclusive to the Jewish people, but now is to be open to receiving non-Jews as well. This inclusion also means abolishing the kosher laws that separate Jew from Gentile. The vision helps Peter to understand that no food or people are unclean. Gray points out that God gave the Israelites dietary laws because they wanted to return to Egypt to eat the meat of that land, pork. In prohibiting the eating of that food, God removes a reason for their return. God helps them to focus on their relationship with him! Aren’t there things we enjoy that we might give up that would help us as well to focus on our relationship with God?

The second significant moment for Peter in this chapter is his miraculous release from prison and ultimate relocation to Rome. There is no stopping the spread of the Good News. No earthly leader or prison can chain the Word of God and prevent God’s plan of salvation from spreading and unfolding! Dr. Gray concludes the chapter with advice for all of us, that, we too, should be open to God’s plan for our lives with the assurance that, just as with Peter, God will provide the human and divine assistance we need.

– Deacon Ralph

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