Peter – Chapter Eight Peter and Pentecost: The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit

The Upper Room and Pentecost go together like a hand in a glove! Right? Well….Dr. Gray gives compelling reasoning why that may not be the most likely scenario based on what we read in that account found in the Acts of the Apostles. Gray feels the Temple is more likely the location. The Temple would hold special significance for the Jewish people. In the Temple area a multitude of people from different areas would have been gathered. The Temple would have facilities to accommodate the baptizing of thousands. Sounds logical, and as Gray points out Luke never mentions the Upper Room in his account of the descent of the Holy Spirit.

What is also significant in this chapter is Gray’s guidance of what we should for. At Pentecost, Jesus fulfills his promise of sending the Holy Spirit. This often underused gift should be high on the list of our top ten prayer requests! Gray says, “God promises us one thing. If you ask for the Holy Spirit, if you ask for grace—the divine life of God—it will always be given to you. God may not give you a new car or perfect health, but he will give you something far more precious and eternal and lasting, and that is his own life. He will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

Peter and the other disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. Through them, God accomplished great works. May we invite the Holy Spirit into our own lives, and be open to allowing God to use us to do his Will!


– Deacon Ralph

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