Mission of the Messiah by Dr. Timothy Gray

Beginning February 18, 2018, our Online Book Club will read Mission of the Messiah by Dr. Timothy Gray. This book is available through your free subscription to FORMED.ORG available to all Saint Kilian Parishioners. You can download this book HERE. This book is downloaded as a PDF file. There are several ways to read this file. First, you can simply use any PDF reader to open the file. This manner has limited options for reading.   If you wish to use bookmarking, highlighting and note taking, the best option is to use the Kindle app (available free). You can import to this app from your computer. Once you have imported the book you can then sync with your other devices, tablets and phones. 

The Formed website says,

The goal of this study of Luke is to give a taste of that Bible study Jesus gave on the road to Emmaus. As we study God’s holy Word, our hearts too will burn with the fire of God’s love (cf. Lk. 12:49), just as the disciples experienced God’s love on the dusty road to Emmaus. If we read the Gospel with the prayer and contemplation that Saint Thérèse did, we too shall find “fresh lights there, hidden and enthralling meanings.”


Here is our reading schedule for Mission of the Messiah. The week of:

We hope this book proves to be an informative and enriching way to journey through Lent and Easter! Check back weekly for our thoughts on each chapter. Also, this book has questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. Please share your comments!

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