Chapter 1 – The God Who Is Love Love Unveiled 5

The opening thoughts of this chapter speak about the way others view God. While I find it difficult to understand how others arrive at those opinions, I find great peace and joy in the Bible’s offering that “God is love.”  As Sri states, “The God who is love created us out of love, and made us for his love.” How blessed!! Sri then delves into the complex understanding that God is a Trinity of love. Fr. Michael Gaitley in his book, The ‘One Thing’ is Three says that if the Trinity were not revealed to us, we would have had to invent it. Since true love requires others, Gaitley’s deduction makes sense to me. For God to be love there needs to be, as Sri puts it, “an interplay lover (Father), beloved (the Son) and shared love (the Holy Spirit).”

It is in the image of this Triune God that we were created and called to image the Trinity in the world.  The conclusion of this chapter unfolds God’s self-giving love and divine communion. These two attributes become our vocation, our response to the God who is love. Unfortunately, as the author points out, this “stands in stark contrast with what the world says will make us happy” and many people focus on what they can get out of life for themselves. Saint Augustine’s famous prayer to God, “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you”, is his conclusion that even if we could take in all that the world had to offer, something would still be missing – God. God needs to be at the center of our lives.  It is in the Triune God where our hearts find rest.

  • While Sri gives some examples, what images have helped you to understand the Trinity?
  • Is the doctrine of the Trinity a comfort or a stumbling block for you?
  • In what practical ways can we make our lives a gift to God and others?

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – The God Who Is Love

  • Betsy Pfendler

    Years ago while teaching 5th grade CCD I had to touch on the Trinity. An apple was the analogy I found. Father, the skin, protector, Jesus, made flesh and the inner core, the seeds, the Holy Spirit to be planted, watered to grow! And I love the one of flame, heat and light. It is a comfort to me and I learn more and more especially about the Holy Spirit. When I realized that the love of God, the Spirit is alive in me all the time, it really opened my eyes. He is in me, wanting me to grow closer to Father and Son and to continue their work. Every day I try to be more open to the Father’s will and allow the Spirit to be my guide.

  • Mary French

    For this first chapter, I was pleased to see Sri refer to some teachings that I hadn’t thought of in some time. First, the explanation of creation and how the story changes when God ponders creating man, using plural pronouns “us” and “our”, thus pointing toward the Trinity, long before it was revealed. And second, the explanation of God knowing himself perfectly (a perfect self-image) in the Son. I can recall when I first was introduced to these concepts and how profound they both seemed, yet so incredibly simple and perfectly logical! I am constantly amazed at how complex our Faith can be, yet so beautiful in its simplicity, where all of the pieces come together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and reveal a wonderful image.

  • Lori Crowley

    For me, some simple ways I try to make my life a gift to God is by trying to love Him and others as He loves me. Showing mercy, compassion, kindness, gentleness, patience. I’m a big fan of St Therese and live her Little Ways; doing all things with great love. I think this pleases God and delights His heart.

  • Sue Callahan

    For me the triangle is the symbol that speaks of the Trinity to me – a sign of infinity – The point at the top representing God the Father and the two lines descending down the Son and the Spirit all connecting and leading back to God the Father. As for the doctrine of the Trinity, to me, it is a comfort. The Trinity has been a part of my life since birth. I feel like my self is located in the open space of the triangle, surrounded by all three persons of the Trinity. God asks for love, for us to love him. Being that we are made to the image and likeness of God we can make our lives a gift to God and others by loving ourselves first and radiating that love through our actions and words to all those we encounter.

    • Deacon Ralph Post author

      I love the image of being in the center of the triangle surrounded by the Trinity. Our ultimate destiny…to share in the Divine Life!