Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained Spiritual Reading Selection

Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as his itinerary, Edward Sri will walk you through all the important aspects of the Catholic Church—what Catholics believe about God and the difference it should make in life.

More than an intellectual enterprise, this work is also a deep spiritual reflection and a practical guide to living out our faith in Christ. It aims to form both the head and the heart, not only helping us to understand Jesus and his plan of salvation, but inspiring us to love God and our neighbor better.

We will began reading this book on September 10, 2017. While we will move slowly through this book as a group (a chapter a week), you most certainly can read ahead and stop back to comment on each chapter! This pace will allow even the busiest among us to participate and also for us to reflect and share with each other.

You can download a free copy of the eBook at the website. If you have not registered for this free parish resource, please contact me (Deacon Ralph)  for the registration code. Perhaps you are like me and prefer the physical book in your hands as you read. You can find this book HERE on Amazon!

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Chapter 16 – Prayer: The Encounter of God’s Thirst with Ours Love Unveiled

This is the final chapter in Love Unveiled. In the coming weeks we will be choosing another book to read together online. If you would like to give your input to choose our next selection from, you can find more information HERE. Deacon Ralph - In this chapter on ...
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Chapter 15 – Love and Responsibility: Life, Sex, and Care for the Poor Love Unveiled

Mary -  This chapter touches on a few things that I think are very important to the practice of our faith so I will touch on them here, simply as a reminder.  First, we do live in a very self-centered society where all the emphasis is on achieving, obtaining, gaining, ...
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Chapter 14 – A Catholic Moral Worldview Love Unveiled

In my graduate studies at Duquesne University, Fr. Sean Kealy taught a course on the Old Testament and his words still come to mind when talking about moral law. He encouraged us to view the Ten Commandments not as rules to restrict us, but rather as a Charter of Freedom ...
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Chapter 13 – Confession Love Unveiled

In this chapter, Sri unfolds the Sacrament of Reconciliation and also looks at some of the common objections or obstacles folks have in frequenting this sacrament. With regards to faith, sometimes our eyes are blinded or, perhaps more accurately, we are not open to the grace God wishes to pour ...
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Chapter 12 – A Walk through the Mass Love Unveiled

Mary - Until reading this chapter, I wasn’t certain what was meant when a priest or deacon referred to ‘praying’ the Mass.  Praying the Mass?  How do we do that?  Of course, I can understand that there are various prayers within the Mass that we recite or listen to, but ...
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Chapter 11 – The Holy Eucharist: God with Us Love Unveiled

Deacon Ralph - Just last week, a fifth grade CCD catechist asked me to visit their class as their students had a few questions they felt might be better answered by me! Coincidentally, the topic of discussion was the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Just as over 2000 ...
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Chapter 10 – Encountering Christ Today: The Seven Sacraments Love Unveiled

Mary - In this chapter, the purpose and power of the sacraments are explained quite eloquently, but what truly caught my attention and caused me to pause a moment and really think … was the analogy made between the reception of (and effectiveness of) a sacrament and the healing of ...
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Chapter 9 – The Last Things: What Happens After We Die? Love Unveiled

Deacon Ralph - At some point in our life, usually as we get on in years, we begin to ponder with a more serious approach, what happens when we die. Sure, we’ve got a pretty basic knowledge of the three outcomes, hell, purgatory or heaven, but there are still more ...
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Chapter 8 – Mary and the Saints Love Unveiled

Mary - This chapter is a wonderful and complete apologetic on the Catholic understanding of Mary, the mother of Christ.  The subject of Mary is probably one of the most popular when it comes to non-Catholic criticism of our faith.  This chapter should give each reader a solid, clear, grounded ...
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Chapter 7 – Why Do I Need the Church? Love Unveiled

Mary - I love this chapter … it pulled no punches but laid out in clear and simple terms why each one of us needs the Church.  Each segment of this chapter builds up our understanding of what Christ intended for His Church.  We are shown how sin separated us ...
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Chapter 6 – “Clothed with Power from On High” Love Unveiled

Deacon Ralph - I think the Holy Spirit is, at times, the person of the Holy Trinity that we turn to less frequently. Sure, all prayers, whether to Father, Son or Holy Spirit reach the same destination, but when Jesus ascends to the Father, it is the Holy Spirit that ...
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Chapter 5 – The Triumph of the Cross Love Unveiled

Mary - Chapter 5 gives us an in-depth explanation of how and why Jesus’ death on the Cross is a triumph.  There are a few important things to ‘take away’ from this chapter.  First, we have Jesus as sacrifice.  We understand Passover as a meal with historical significance for God’s ...
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Chapter 4 – “Who Do You Say That I Am?” Love Unveiled

Deacon Ralph - This chapter focuses on the purpose of Jesus’ incarnation and life. The tone is set from the outset, when following his baptism by John, Jesus begins his ministry, not by taking on local oppressors, but evil, the devil himself. Jesus came to rid the world of violence, ...
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Chapter 3 – The Great Story Love Unveiled

Mary - Chapter 3 starts us off with a wonderful explanation of the framework that God has provided for our lives, which we can find summarized in the Creed.  There it is revealed where we came from, where we are heading, and even the meaning of life!  If you haven’t ...
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Chapter 2 – The Divine Unveiling Love Unveiled

Deacon Ralph -  In this chapter Sri explores the means God uses to communicate with us. Throughout history, people have attempted to explain the world, life, and the human condition, by using human reasoning. People invented gods to explain the rain, the sun, bountiful crops, or whatever else was beyond ...
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Chapter 1 – The God Who Is Love Love Unveiled

The opening thoughts of this chapter speak about the way others view God. While I find it difficult to understand how others arrive at those opinions, I find great peace and joy in the Bible’s offering that “God is love.”  As Sri states, “The God who is love created us ...
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Introduction Love Unveiled

Edward Sri introduces his work, Love Unveiled, by giving us a powerful reminder of what the Catholic Church stands for. He acknowledges that others may cite alternative opinions, but for him, the Church stand for “the God who is madly in love with you.” That’s the Church and God I ...
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