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Edward Sri introduces his work, Love Unveiled, by giving us a powerful reminder of what the Catholic Church stands for. He acknowledges that others may cite alternative opinions, but for him, the Church stand for “the God who is madly in love with you.” That’s the Church and God I want! Sri tells us that God thirsts for us and hungers for our attention. That reality leaves me questioning, “Why?” Here I am this small, sinful creature, on a planet of 7 billion plus other souls, who are a fraction of the 100 billion people who have ever lived. Our “pale, blue dot” of a planet, to quote Carl Sagan, floats in the Milky Way galaxy that holds about 100 billion stars. Our galaxy is only one of the roughly estimated 10 trillion galaxies in the universe and even that estimate is thought to be a gross underestimation.

That vastness of creation makes me feel even smaller, even less significant. Yet, Sri writes, “so intense is God’s love for us that it’s as if he could not bear to remain separated from us.” He becomes one of us, dies for us and invites us to share in his divine life. So, rather than seeking the answer to the question “why” that is known only to God, my response is, “thank you”. A thank you expressed not just in words, but, which becomes the purpose of my life and seeks to offer love in return. I look forward to the chapters that follow, anticipating that Sri’s unveiling of God’s love, will enrich and deepen my own love of God.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction

  • Stephen Stovall

    Although it is only the introduction, there is so much I feel I could write. However, it is God’s love for us and how much He has done for our love had the biggest impact on me. Also reading that the Catholic Church stands for the God who loves us and how we are to love God and our neighbors. That is an important reminder to me. It is easy to get caught up in my daily life and to focus on things that cause me to lose sight of God’s love for us and how we are to love Him and our neighbors.

  • Jeannie Mentzer

    Wow! Sri really put our human smallness in perspective as well as our planet and universe! The vastness and beauty of God’s creation is way beyond what I can wrap my mind around! I cannot wait to get into this book and learn more about God’s love for me and for His church.