How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft - Reading dates - January 14, 2018 through February 11, 2018

Thanks to all who voted on our next choices for our online book club! The voting was close, but we have 3 clear choices – Mission of the Messiah, How To Be Holy and Peter. Our plan is to read these three books over the next few months.

The first book on our reading list is How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft.

You can download the book through your subscription. If you have not subscribed to, you can do so HERE.

Since the Mission of the Messiah ties in wonderfully with Lent and Easter, we will begin that book immediately after finishing Kreeft’s book. Our plan for reading How To Be Holy is –

Chapters 1 through 6 – the week of 1/14 – CLICK HERE
Chapters 7 through 13 – the week of 1/21 – CLICK HERE
Chapters 14 through 21 – the week of 1/28 – CLICK HERE
Chapters 22 through 30 – the week of 2/4/ – CLICK HERE
Chapters 31 through Appendix 2 – the week of 2/11- CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading along with us and sharing your thoughts and insights! We will add a post each week to give our insights and invite your comments. If we don’t have your contact information and you would like to receive weekly emails as we read this book, simply email Deacon Ralph to be added to our email database.

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