Free Video Series During Lent The Bible and the Sacraments

If you are looking for something to supplement your Lenten journey, the Saint Paul Center is offering part of their Journey Through Scripture video Bible Study at no cost during Lent. The Bible and the Sacraments is based on Swear to God; The Promise and Power of the Sacraments, a book by Dr. Scott Hahn.


Over the course of 11 lessons, beginning on March 1, this study presents the participant an opportunity for growth in knowledge of Scripture and the Sacraments.

The Bible and the Sacraments is unlike any other study on the sacraments. Certainly it looks at the basic teaching of the Church as to their meaning and origin. But it goes further. It investigates the deeper mystery of the sacraments as illuminated by Sacred Scripture.

You can sign up for free access to the video series at this link – The Bible and the Sacraments. Below is a list of titles for each video, each lasting approximately 25-30 minutes. Two new videos will be posted each week and by signing up you will be notified when the videos are available. May this Lenten Season draw us closer to Christ.

1. Introduction to the Mysteries

2. The Ritual of Family

3. The Waters of Salvation

4. On a Mission from God

5. The Sacrificial Offering

6. Lamb of God

7. Heaven on Earth

8. Reconciled to God

9. Spiritual Healing

10. Brides and Bridegrooms

11. Ordained to Serve

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