Chapter 8 – Mary and the Saints Love Unveiled

Mary –

This chapter is a wonderful and complete apologetic on the Catholic understanding of Mary, the mother of Christ.  The subject of Mary is probably one of the most popular when it comes to non-Catholic criticism of our faith.  This chapter should give each reader a solid, clear, grounded explanation of how to defend what we believe about Mary – from her queenship, to her role as Mediatrix, to her preservation from sin and Assumption into heaven.   We are even treated to brief explanations of how the Church came to understand some of these topics over time and why, each one complimented the others to complete a rich and full picture for the faithful.  Have you ever found your faith being questioned by others based on what Catholics believe about Mary?  Do you take advantage of Mary as our Mother and ask her to intercede on your behalf for the needs that you experience?  And after reading this chapter, do you find that you still feel that you need to know more about the Blessed Virgin?  If so, ask your questions here!

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