Chapter 3 – The Great Story Love Unveiled 2

Mary –

Chapter 3 starts us off with a wonderful explanation of the framework that God has provided for our lives, which we can find summarized in the Creed.  There it is revealed where we came from, where we are heading, and even the meaning of life!  If you haven’t read the chapter yet, I won’t spoil the answer to that ancient mystery for you.  You’ll read it soon enough.

However, beyond that wonderful introduction to the chapter, what stands out the most to me is the not-so-subtle comparison to the fall of Lucifer and some of the angels, to that of Adam and Eve, as well as to ourselves.  Pride is the culprit that caused the fall, came between Adam, Eve, and God, and causes division between ourselves and our Creator.  As you were reading, did you feel your own struggles reflected in the author’s observations?  I think it is easy for us to understand why God would want us to love Him by freely willing that love.  In our own lives we can understand and appreciate the greater value of love that is freely given as opposed to that which is demanded, coerced, or required.  In fact, are any of those scenarios actually love? Probably not.  But sometimes, before we can truly love we must get rid of the clutter that blocks our ability to do so.

Original sin has made the choices we face daily, at times, a struggle.  And sometimes we do choose incorrectly and we let our selfishness, pride, and greed get in the way of what is good for us.  But no matter how many times we fail or choose what isn’t good for us, if we learn from our mistakes and resolve (WILL) to do better next time, we find cooperating with God’s plan for us (which is the BEST plan for us) a little easier, with each passing day.  Sri reminds us to take advantage of the helps that we have here to strengthen us for our daily battles along the journey.  Ask yourself, do you frequent the sacraments?  If your answer isn’t a resounding yes, perhaps it’s worthwhile considering how addressing that topic might aid you in bettering your relationship with God.

Deacon Ralph –

I must agree with Sri’s opening comment that our modern world, in many ways, has “lost its story.” Let me pull out my soap box for a few lines to say that, in some ways, we as a Church, on many different levels,  have also lost our story, or perhaps more specifically, our focus. There is a short parable called the “Life Saving Station” that brings home this point. If you have never heard this tale, you can listen to it via YouTube at this link   – . Is our priority bringing others to Christ and serving the needs of others? Do we look or act like members of a club or are we out in boats in the rough waters? Okay, getting down from my soap box and back to the book.

This chapter covers Creation, the Fall and God’s plan for our salvation through Jesus Christ and the Church. What stood out for me is how often Satan or the devil is mentioned – 27 times! Some would say there is no real creature who is the devil, but that Satan is simply a symbol for evil. Pope Francis often reminds us that Satan is real. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, “The Church teaches that Satan was at first a good angel, made by God: The devil and the other demons were indeed created naturally good by God, but they became evil by their own doing.” (CCC #391) Getting people to deny the existence of the devil must be a cherished achievement by the prince of lies.

Sri says that the devil wasn’t just trying to get Adam and Eve to break a rule, rather he was trying to break a relationship. Sin is a break in our relationship with God and from that first, original sin, God begins the work of gathering us back into union with him and with each other. At the conclusion of the chapter Sri tells us that it is now “our turn to enter the story.”

Give us your thoughts about these questions or any other comments on this chapter

  • Sri states, “because of sin, an infinite chasm was introduced between God and man.” Do you view sin as an “infinite chasm”?
  • The popularity of Angels has increased over the past years. What role do angels play in your life?
  • The book offers, “This is the great drama that has been going on since the dawn of creation: a struggle between good and evil, between the God of love and the “shining one” who wanted to usurp all glory and power for himself.” Sri challenges us with the question, “how will we enter the story”?

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – The Great Story

  • Sue Callahan

    Memorizing and reciting the Baltimore Catechism has instilled in me that sin creates a distance from God, but not an infinite chasm because God gave us the sacraments as step stools to climb back into his good graces. The most important being Penance, the humbling of ourselves to admit wrong doing and asking for forgiveness, knowing that God is a loving and forgiving God! The worldly situation we are experiencing now, I believe, is evidence that a great deal of God creatures have submitted to the almighty dollar and low morals, thus forgetting how we got to where we are.
    Angels has always played an important role in my life ever since I learned the Guardian Angel prayer. I talk to my angel and thank my angel when I know that when something happens that is out of my control my angel takes over for me. My special angel is St. Michael the Archangel with whom I have entrusted the care of my spouse, children and grandchildren. I have an icon of him in my bedroom.
    We all face the challenge of good and evil daily, the question is are we aware…we can all just look the other way and avoid recognition of the challenge. We can easily enter the story by openly condemning evil and openly praising God.

    • Mary French

      You are so right about the sacraments as a means to reconcile our relationship with God. One of the little analogies that has stuck with me over the last several years is that of Penance / Confession being the “Second Plank After Shipwreck”, or rather, a second chance to reconcile when we’ve fallen astray, sinned, or lost grace after baptism. I love the imagery as it reminds me how easy it is to drown in our sins and secularism yet we have hope when we have that plank to hang on to – to keep us afloat. Yet so few take advantage of this opportunity as frequently as we should. Myself included.