Chapter 15 – Love and Responsibility: Life, Sex, and Care for the Poor Love Unveiled

Mary – 

This chapter touches on a few things that I think are very important to the practice of our faith so I will touch on them here, simply as a reminder.  First, we do live in a very self-centered society where all the emphasis is on achieving, obtaining, gaining, laying up, more and more for ourselves and those closest to us, rather than emphasizing the community and the need to care for others.  We must remember that when much is given to us, much is expected as well.    Can any of us say that we truly ‘give’ enough? Do our lives truly radiate a Christian identity as intended by Christ?  Second, Sri gives a good breakdown of the problems facing society today regarding love and sexuality – the true meaning of commitment and what we should aspire to in our relationships.  Again, selfishness is the culprit that distorts what God intended.  Lust unleashed leads to a host of problems (pornography, rape, incest, single motherhood, divorce, ‘living together’, and abortion, to name just a few).  Reflecting on the previous chapter, the practice of virtue applied here and manifested in choosing well turns us away from selfish behaviors to focus not on ourselves, but on others, particularly those we love most.

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