The World’s First Love: Mary, Mother of God by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

In the Foreword of this book, Fr. Apostoli writes, “This [book] is a treasure for all who wish to grow in their relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archbishop Sheen said, of his 68 books, this work was his favorite. Throughout his life, the Blessed Mother was an integral and cherished part of his spiritual life. Sheen says that he hoped that when he approached the Lord on his judgment day, Jesus would say to him, “I know all about you! My Mother told Me all about you!” May our reading of this work inspire …Follow this path →

Peter: Keys to Following Jesus by Dr. Tim Gray - Reading dates - April 15th to June 17th

Beginning April 15, 2018, our online book club will read Peter: Keys to Following Jesus, by Dr. Tim Gray. Check back each week to find our comments and questions for discussion. You can download the book through your subscription. If you have not subscribed to, you can do so HERE. Our reading schedule is as follows: Chapter 1- Week of April 15, 2018 – CLICK HERE Chapter 2 – Week of April 22, 2018 – CLICK HERE Chapter 3 – Week of April 29, 2018 – CLICK HERE Chapter 4 – Week of …Follow this path →

Mission of the Messiah by Dr. Timothy Gray

Beginning February 18, 2018, our Online Book Club will read Mission of the Messiah by Dr. Timothy Gray. This book is available through your free subscription to FORMED.ORG available to all Saint Kilian Parishioners. You can download this book HERE. This book is downloaded as a PDF file. There are several ways to read this file. First, you can simply use any PDF reader to open the file. This manner has limited options for reading.   If you wish to use bookmarking, highlighting and note taking, the best option is to use the Kindle app …Follow this path →

How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft - Reading dates - January 14, 2018 through February 11, 2018

Thanks to all who voted on our next choices for our online book club! The voting was close, but we have 3 clear choices – Mission of the Messiah, How To Be Holy and Peter. Our plan is to read these three books over the next few months. The first book on our reading list is How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft. You can download the book through your subscription. If you have not subscribed to, you can do so HERE. Since the Mission of the Messiah ties in wonderfully with Lent …Follow this path →

Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained Spiritual Reading Selection

Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as his itinerary, Edward Sri will walk you through all the important aspects of the Catholic Church—what Catholics believe about God and the difference it should make in life. More than an intellectual enterprise, this work is also a deep spiritual reflection and a practical guide to living out our faith in Christ. It aims to form both the head and the heart, not only helping us to understand Jesus and his plan of salvation, but inspiring us to love God and our neighbor better. We will began …Follow this path →