Blessings by Laura Story

My music tastes run a wide range of genres and close to the top is Praise and Worship. Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon this song by Laura Story. It speaks to those who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and challenges the listener to ponder them from a different perspective.  As a newlywed of only a year, Laura’s husband was hospitalized with a brain tumor. The couple faced surgery, radiation, setbacks and extensive physical therapy. Her song, Blessings, asks, “what if your blessings come through raindrops?”  If you listen to Praise and Worship music you likely already know her work, Indescribable, a popular song that she composed for her first album. To appreciate the moving lyrics and melody of Blessings let me take you on a three-part journey. First, read a short biography of Laura’s life. Next, reflect on the lyrics to her song Blessings. Finally, bring it all together by watching her perform this piece. Below are these links.

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