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Peter – Chapter Ten Quo Vadis: Peter's Way of the Cross

This final chapter leaves the pages of scripture and follows Peter as found in the tradition of the Church. In this tradition Peter is fleeing persecution in Rome and on the road meets the Risen Christ. Peter asks him “quo vadis” – where are you going? If you have not read about this encounter it is a very powerful moment in Peter’s life that required a reconfirmation of his decision to follow Christ, no matter what the cost. Peter’s death is his final testimony to his firm belief in Christ.  Gray concludes the book by …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Nine Peter Bar-Jonah: How Peter Came to Rome

This chapter focuses on  two key moments in Peter’s role in the early Church. Through a vision, Peter comes to understand that discipleship is no longer exclusive to the Jewish people, but now is to be open to receiving non-Jews as well. This inclusion also means abolishing the kosher laws that separate Jew from Gentile. The vision helps Peter to understand that no food or people are unclean. Gray points out that God gave the Israelites dietary laws because they wanted to return to Egypt to eat the meat of that land, pork. In prohibiting …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Eight Peter and Pentecost: The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit

The Upper Room and Pentecost go together like a hand in a glove! Right? Well….Dr. Gray gives compelling reasoning why that may not be the most likely scenario based on what we read in that account found in the Acts of the Apostles. Gray feels the Temple is more likely the location. The Temple would hold special significance for the Jewish people. In the Temple area a multitude of people from different areas would have been gathered. The Temple would have facilities to accommodate the baptizing of thousands. Sounds logical, and as Gray points out …Follow this path →