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The Mass

The Mass – A new series by Bishop Robert Barron Whether you attend Mass daily, weekly or a few times a year, this series is for you! Why should we want to attend Mass? What is the purpose of the Mass? Why the postures and gestures? How do the different parts of the Mass fit together?  Join us three Mondays in July and three Mondays in August as we explore the joy and beauty of The Mass through a brand new series by Bishop Robert Barron. This program will be offered on the following Mondays in …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Seven Discipleship at a Distance: Peter and the Passion of Christ

We all know Peter’s story! He is adamant in his profession of faithfulness to Jesus, but when that loyalty is put to the test, he is quick to deny. The title of this chapter is based on the passage following Jesus’ arrest found in scripture, “Peter followed at a distance (LK 22:54).” After Jesus is led away, Peter does not abandon him, but follows at a safe distance. Gray makes an interesting observation that “if we follow Christ in a discipleship that is comfortable and easy—from a distance—we’re setting ourselves up for a discipleship that …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Six In the Shadow of the Galilean: Peter's Rising Leadership

In this chapter, Dr. Gray continues to enlighten us about how Jesus is preparing Peter to continue his mission after he is gone. To get to that point one must first understand the purpose of Jesus’ life. Exactly what is Jesus preparing Peter for? Jesus came not only to save us…to restore our relationship with God through the forgiveness of our sins but also to establish his kingdom. One of the interesting insights of this chapter is the explanation of the secrecy surrounding where the Passover would be held. Gray explains that Judas was looking …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Five Peter and the Keys: The Primacy of the Church

“Three people die and when they get to the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter says…” We all have heard many of those jokes, where Saint Peter is a main character who has the responsibility of allowing or disallowing newly departed souls to enter Heaven through the Pearly Gates! Dr. Gray reminds us that is not quite the role of Saint Peter and not quite the symbolism of the keys that Peter receives. In giving Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, Jesus bestowing upon Peter and his successors, heavenly authority that would be exercised on earth. Gray …Follow this path →

Peter – Chapter Four Peter the Rock: The Primacy of Jesus 1

A new insight! I do not recall ever hearing about Jesus being the “one loaf” mentioned in Chapter 8 of Mark’s Gospel. Jesus, in this chapter, has just fed 4,000 people and the disciples gathered the leftovers, seven baskets full of bread. As they depart by boat, this, miracle bread, is the forgotten bread mentioned. There is some confusion in our reading of this section of the Gospel, as the disciples say they both had “no bread” and, at the same time, “one loaf”. Yes! Now it makes sense that this “one loaf” is the …Follow this path →