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Mission of the Messiah – Chapter 7 Celebrating the New Exodus

Two days ago on Holy Thursday, our parish celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, so my thoughts while reading this chapter are greatly influenced by this beautiful Liturgy. In this chapter, Gray recounts the importance of meals in the ministry of Jesus. Meals, banquets and feasts were often the subject of the parables Jesus told. Gathering at table was a common way Jesus encountered people and invited them to follow his way. As Gray points out in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says of the Last Supper, “I have earnestly desired to eat this …Follow this path →

Mission of the Messiah – Chapter 6 Journey to Jerusalem

  The timing of reading this chapter is perfect! We celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend and will hear a Gospel proclaimed at two points in the Liturgy. The first Gospel is read at the very beginning of the Mass telling of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We hear of the crowds spreading cloaks and branches while crying out, “Hosanna in the highest.” Gray states that the actions of the people indicate their public proclamation that Jesus is their King. One who “comes in the name of the Lord” corresponds to prophecy from the Old Testament. …Follow this path →

Mission of the Messiah – Chapter 5 Sabbath Controversies

Dr. Gray makes a solid case that Jesus’ actions and healings on the sabbath are likely deliberate and not coincidental. The people approaching Jesus for healing do so at times other than the sabbath, as they would understand that healing would not be permitted during the sabbath. As Gray points out, the healings that do take place on the Sabbath are ones that Jesus initiates, placing him in direct conflict with the traditional observance of Jewish laws. Gray states, “The reason Jesus heals on the sabbath is not to enrage or even to tweak the …Follow this path →

Mission of the Messiah – Chapter 4 The New Law 2

This chapter unfolds what lies at the heart of the Messiah’s mission. Jesus comes to reveal the love of the Father and our pathway to enter into Divine Life. In the Beatitudes, Jesus compares the world’s view of achieving happiness with God’s way. When we go after the allures of this world as sources of ultimate happiness, ironically, we find ourselves moving further from true happiness. Our true happiness lies in God alone. We need to take on the attitude of God. God’s way is the one that leads to true and eternal happiness. On …Follow this path →

Mission of the Messiah – Chapter 3 Signs of the Kingdom of God 1

Continuing his connection of the Great Jubilee at the time of Isaiah to the time of fulfillment announced by Jesus, Gray explores the tangible signs that the Kingdom of God is at hand. The Great Jubilee was a time of release…release from slavery…release from debt. Jesus also releases the people he encountered. He frees them from physical ailments and deformities, he frees them from possession and the control of the evil one, but most importantly he frees them (and us) from sin. The miracles he performed were to establish his authority for that which was …Follow this path →