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Symbolon – Session 4 The Story of Salvation

Overview of Session Four The Story of Salvation was the topic for this session and spoke about the three major parts in this story: Creation, the Fall and Redemption. We are in the middle of this story and have a role to play! No matter how small a part, we have an irreplaceable role in God’s plan. Questions  A 2011 poll by CARA, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, found that only 17 percent of Catholics said they believe that Satan is a living being. The vast majority, the remaining 83 percent, report …Follow this path →

How To Be Holy – Chapters 14 to 21 by Peter Kreeft 1

Kreeft is a little deceptive in the title of Chapter 14, Holiness Is Easy! However, he quickly clarifies that this does not mean it happens without effort and sacrifice, but rather, it is easy in that the path is not complex. He says, “you don’t have to know many things or do many things or accomplish many things or master techniques.” This is all true, but the one thing that you do need to do can be summarized in one word, abandonment. This is the Fiat of Mary, thy will be done. It is what …Follow this path →

Symbolon – Sessions 2 and 3 Divine Revelation and the Bible 4

Due to a snowy evening on January 16th, we doubled up on January 23rd!! Session 2 of Symbolon addressed Divine Revelation and Session 3 focused on the Bible. Below are discussion questions from this session. Feel free to comment on them or on any other part of the presentation. Questions  Have you ever heard someone say, “that was a revelation”? What do you think of when you hear the term revelation? How was the Catholic faith passed on to you? Many people believe that there is no need of “organized” religion. What reasons do they …Follow this path →

How To Be Holy – Chapters 7 to 13 by Peter Kreeft 5

These seven chapters move into some deep waters with regards to holiness. Don’t be discouraged if you find the text a trifle hard to plow through at times. Often, a second or third reading of a challenging passage will allow you to better grasp the message. While there is a plethora of material in these chapters, I found two quotes from C.S. Lewis and one thought from Saint Thérèse to be of interest. First, Kreeft quotes Lewis’ work The Great Divorce, “There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to …Follow this path →

How To Be Holy – Chapters 1 to 6 by Peter Kreeft 4

I appreciate the lighthearted and often humorous approach Kreeft has on this topic. Not that one’s eternal salvation is anything to take lightly, but this is an exciting journey, one that leads to eternal bliss and happiness. So, it seems appropriate that we should view the process (life), not as a chore or something we have to struggle through, but a precious gift to be relished, embraced and enjoyed. Kreeft quotes Léon Bloy, who says, ““Life, in the end, has only one tragedy: not to have been a saint.” Amen! For many years, I was …Follow this path →

Symbolon – Session 1 The Journey of Faith 5

This session was presented January 9, 2018. So that we might continue the discussion, please feel free to comment on anything reviewed that evening or on the questions from the workbook, listed below. Workbook Questions Why do you think two of Jesus’ disciples didn’t recognize Him on the road to Emmaus? Why would this study we are beginning be foolish if Jesus had not risen from the dead? Can you describe an experience like these two disciples where your heart was on fire for God? Can you think of some examples of how Gnosticism exists …Follow this path →

How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft - Reading dates - January 14, 2018 through February 11, 2018

Thanks to all who voted on our next choices for our online book club! The voting was close, but we have 3 clear choices – Mission of the Messiah, How To Be Holy and Peter. Our plan is to read these three books over the next few months. The first book on our reading list is How To Be Holy by Peter Kreeft. You can download the book through your subscription. If you have not subscribed to, you can do so HERE. Since the Mission of the Messiah ties in wonderfully with Lent …Follow this path →