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Chapter 9 – The Last Things: What Happens After We Die? Love Unveiled 1

Questions to ponder – Is the belief in purgatory frightening or comforting? Why? How do I imagine Heaven? Why is the belief in the resurrection of our bodies important? Do you pray for those who have died? How does that prayer impact you? +1

Chapter 8 – Mary and the Saints Love Unveiled

Mary – This chapter is a wonderful and complete apologetic on the Catholic understanding of Mary, the mother of Christ.  The subject of Mary is probably one of the most popular when it comes to non-Catholic criticism of our faith.  This chapter should give each reader a solid, clear, grounded explanation of how to defend what we believe about Mary – from her queenship, to her role as Mediatrix, to her preservation from sin and …Follow this path →

Chapter 7 – Why Do I Need the Church? Love Unveiled 2

Please share your thoughts and comments on this chapter or the questions below! Why did Jesus establish a church? How would you answer someone who says that it does not matter if you belong to the Catholic Church or attend Mass as long as you are a good person and have faith in Jesus? Do you really see the Church as “catholic” (universal)? The Pittsburgh Diocese is going through the “On Mission for the Church …Follow this path →

Chapter 6 – “Clothed with Power from On High” Love Unveiled 2

Please comment on the questions below or any comments you would like to offer on this chapter. In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was active, but hidden. In the New Testament, the Spirit is very visible. In my life, is the Holy Spirit’s presence and action, hidden, evident, or not noticed at all? What are evidences of the work of the Holy Spirit in my parish community? What is your favorite symbol of the …Follow this path →

Chapter 5 – The Triumph of the Cross Love Unveiled 2

Mary – Chapter 5 gives us an in-depth explanation of how and why Jesus’ death on the Cross is a triumph.  There are a few important things to ‘take away’ from this chapter.  First, we have Jesus as sacrifice.  We understand Passover as a meal with historical significance for God’s people, who were spared tragedy by marking their doors with the blood of the sacrificial lamb.  At the Last Supper, Jesus introduces what will be …Follow this path →