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If the Lord offered you a wrapped package, would you take it? Worshipping a Hidden God, by Archbishop Luis Martinez

Archbishop Martinez’s book, Worshipping a Hidden God, unfolds a journey that begins with understanding the need for humility culminates with one’s participation in the Divine Life. The opening chapters focus on emptying oneself to allow room for the fullness of God in our life. The ultimate goal is perfection and that objective is a daunting task. Martinez states, “if we are to achieve perfection, an absolute renunciation of all things of this world is necessary.” He also warns, “he who will not renounce himself should not try to attain perfection.” For most of us, perfection will …Follow this path →

Purgatory What you'll experience after you die!

When it comes to books that concern heaven, hell or, as is the topic of this book, purgatory, I must admit I approach their information with a bit of caution. Not that I doubt the truthfulness of the person who tells of their private revelation, but rather I wonder how they can possibly convey in human terms that which is beyond this world. Wouldn’t our current human senses and language limit our expression of these destinations. St. Teresa of Avila describes hell as a place of watery mud and that is permeated by foul odors. A place …Follow this path →