Blessings by Laura Story My music tastes run a wide range of genres and close to the top is Praise and Worship. Several weeks ago, I stumbled upon this song by Laura Story. It speaks to those who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and challenges the listener to ponder them from a different perspective.  As a newlywed of only a year, Laura’s husband was hospitalized with a brain tumor. The couple faced surgery, radiation, …Follow this path →

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

Tuesdays – September 20th to October 25th Whether you are married 6 months or married half a lifetime, these sessions will strengthen your bond with your spouse and give you a fresh perspective on your marriage. Beloved explores the true meaning of Marriage and how to live it out together. Here you’ll discover the deepest spiritual, emotional and practical realities of Marriage through Scripture, Tradition and Church Teaching. You’ll see first-hand how to experience the …Follow this path →

Chapter 2 – The Divine Unveiling Love Unveiled

A few questions to ponder – Which Bible stories stick in my memory the most? Why do those stories stand out for me? Has the Church taught things that I find hard to accept? What can I do to reach a better understanding of those teachings? Are there any parts of the Bible that make me feel uncomfortable? Why? …or give us your thoughts on this chapter!   0

Chapter 1 – The God Who Is Love Love Unveiled 5

The opening thoughts of this chapter speak about the way others view God. While I find it difficult to understand how others arrive at those opinions, I find great peace and joy in the Bible’s offering that “God is love.”  As Sri states, “The God who is love created us out of love, and made us for his love.” How blessed!! Sri then delves into the complex understanding that God is a Trinity of love. …Follow this path →

Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained Spiritual Reading Selection

Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as his itinerary, Edward Sri will walk you through all the important aspects of the Catholic Church—what Catholics believe about God and the difference it should make in life. More than an intellectual enterprise, this work is also a deep spiritual reflection and a practical guide to living out our faith in Christ. It aims to form both the head and the heart, not only helping us to …Follow this path →

New Parish Resource FORMED.ORG

Coming Soon! Saint Kilian Parish recently subscribed to a wonderful website that has been called a “Catholic Netflix.” We will officially spread the word about Formed to all parishioners the weekend of August 20, 2017. Truthfully, Formed is much more than just movies! While this site has inspiring movies, it also offers video based studies, participant and leader workbooks, audio presentations and e-books for a range of ages and interests. Signing up for Formed …Follow this path →

Prayer Reminders!

We all need a few reminders each day to pray! Kaitlin shares seven ways to keep connected to God during the day. You can find them on her recent post on the Barefoot Blog. Prayer is one of the richest blessings a Christian has. To be able to have open companionship and communication with the Creator of the Universe is a priceless gift that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. Yet, even with …Follow this path →

ePriest Daily Reflections Gospel Connects

While I receive several emails that offer reflections on the Sunday or daily Mass readings, a recent newcomer to this service has quickly become my new favorite! promotes its service as “A Resource for Catholic Priests [and deacons!], dedicated to loving Christ, building the Church, and serving people”.  Available to clergy are various resources which include: Weekly Best Practices – profiles of practices that are currently working in real parishes in such areas as faith …Follow this path →

Free Video Series During Lent The Bible and the Sacraments

If you are looking for something to supplement your Lenten journey, the Saint Paul Center is offering part of their Journey Through Scripture video Bible Study at no cost during Lent. The Bible and the Sacraments is based on Swear to God; The Promise and Power of the Sacraments, a book by Dr. Scott Hahn.   Over the course of 11 lessons, beginning on March 1, this study presents the participant an opportunity for growth in …Follow this path →